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Simon Roosevelt: Measure 5 links conservation to development

November 1, 2014News Clip

There is greatness in the way America debates and decides its issues, even when it goes to the ballot box and a campaign is fought hard or even bitterly. In your state of North Dakota, which I know and love, and which my family has known and loved for generations, this is playing out in the campaign over Measure 5.

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American Petroleum Institute Continues to Break North Dakota Campaign Laws

October 31, 2014Press ReleaseWashington D.C. Oil Industry Lobby Group Sends out Materials Despite Secretary of State Warning

Bismarck – Today, supporters of Measure 5, which will protect North Dakota’s clean water, wildlife and parks, were shocked to learn that Washington D.C. based oil industry lobbying group the American Petroleum Institute continues to violate North Dakota campaign disclosure law with their campaign literature.

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North Dakotans Depend on Clean Water for Families, Fishing and Agriculture

October 30, 2014Press ReleaseInfographic Shows State's Agricultural and Tourism Economy Depends on Clean Water

BISMARCK, N.D. - Clean water is an integral part of our lives, recreation and North Dakota's economy. North Dakotans for Clean Water, Wildlife & Parks say Measure 5 will help ensure clean drinking water for municipal and agricultural purposes, as well as keep North Dakota's agriculture and tourism economy strong.

"As development increases in our state, we need to protect our clean water now," said Steve Adair, the campaign chairman. "As grasslands and wetlands disappear, those natural filters for our water system go away with them. Measure 5 will provide incentives to North Dakota landowners to restore and protect grasslands and wetlands, as well as develop buffers along our waterways keep contaminants out of our water."

Many North Dakota municipal water supplies rely on surface water. "We must take care of our lakes and rivers if we want clean drinking water for people," said Adair.

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Grand Forks County Farmers Union Passes Resolution in Support of Measure 5

October 29, 2014Press ReleaseAgriculture Community Sees Benefits of Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks for North Dakota

Bismarck – Supporters of Measure 5 are pleased and excited to announce that the Grand Forks Chapter of the North Dakota Farmers Union passed a resolution in support of Measure 5 at their annual meeting Monday night in Manvel.

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Evidence For American Petroleum Institute’s Campaign Violations Delivered to Burleigh County Sheriff

October 27, 2014Press ReleaseIllegal and Blatantly False Statements about Measure 5 Drive Action

Bismarck N.D.- Supporters of Measure 5 submitted a letter and evidence to the Burleigh County Sheriff today outlining suspected violations of North Dakota campaign laws by a Washington D.C. based industry lobby group, the American Petroleum Institute, for making false and misleading statements to voters about Measure 5, which would protect North Dakota’s clean water, wildlife and parks.

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